How We Roll

We believe…

in freedom. Both freedom of time and financial freedom. We work with entrepreneurial CPAs ready to take the next step in their practice, and with talent excited to create their lives by design.

in empathy. We begin with listening to and understanding what our clients and talent need to operate in their zones of genius. When we match talent with their passions and flexibility fit for their needs, employee retention is easy.

in creativity. Yes, even accountants are creative! We develop creative solutions and pursue creative outlets and expression. The key is to believe that anything is possible; because where there is will, there is always a way.

in authenticity. We embrace who we are and practice blatant, kind honesty – with ourselves and with each other.

in intention. We take action with our goals in mind. If our actions don’t appear to align with our goals, we ask why and course correct if needed.

Our Mission

Viaggio was founded on the belief that people shouldn’t need to sacrifice their public accounting careers for their families or individual goals, nor should they have to prioritize work over personal fulfillment. With the advent of the internet, cloud technology, and the gig economy, as an industry, we now have the ability to work securely from anywhere, anytime. Viaggio connects small firms already operating in the cloud, or interested in getting there, with the applications, processes and talent they need to scale their practice efficiently and effectively.

The Italian word, viaggio, translates to journey.

We hope you join us on ours as we help you create your own.

Connecting CPAs to Remote Flexible Work Opportunities