No Firm Left Behind

One of the biggest barriers to finding qualified talent is location. Now, I may be a little biased because I grew up in Rhode Island and could drive from one corner of the state to another in less than an hour. I worked in the Boston metro area for ten years and switched jobs twice – once specifically because of the commute. Now I live in LA, where I refuse to sit in the worst traffic in the country, so I got a remote job when I moved here and now run my own remote business so I can not drive to work whenever I damn well please.

With the unemployment rate at its lowest in nearly 50 years, employers are finding it harder and harder to find good people. The big cities, Big 4, and national firms are vying for the best and brightest, paying relocation costs and sign-on bonuses. But where does that leave small companies and sole practitioners? I spoke with a client yesterday about some of their hiring tactics with a local recruiter, and was thrilled to hear that they’re not prepared to settle for a (cringe) “warm body” this busy season; but they’ve decided to take it one step further and expand their search to the rest of the United States. These guys are set up with remote desktops, so all employees have the capability and perk of working remotely, which also means they’re not tied to finding talent in their small town in northern Nevada. They know they don’t need a full-time person all year, so they’re looking for someone willing to join them exclusively for busy season and not sacrifice continuity year over year. These guys don’t have a formal HR department, so we’re helping them find the perfect fit for January while saving them precious tax planning time as we break down barriers and old paradigms of work.

This partner firm is exactly why I decided to start Viaggio Partners and I’m so excited and honored to be part of their journey!