Not All About the Benjamins

I’ve been asked a few times what equity means in the context we’ve chosen to use it on our website.

By definition, equity is freedom from bias or favoritism. In accounting terms, equity is viewed as funds either contributed or earned and reinvested in a business.

A more popular term, especially in our current political climate, is the word, equality. So why didn’t we just use that? The challenge with equality is that it can be limiting. While all men and women are created equal (just go with it… we’re getting there, ladies); we all have different needs. We intentionally chose equity because we’re not just talking about freedom from bias or favoritism. We’re talking about the time and intellectual investment we’ve made in our careers. We’re talking about the unique paths we’ve chosen in audit, tax, consulting, or a combination of the three. We’re talking about making attainable the path to our version of success that may not necessarily be achieved by showing up to an office day in and day out, sacrificing time with our families or away from our hobbies. There is a level of sweat equity that we invested in our careers to prove ourselves worthy of our climb to the top. We’re ready to cash out on some of that equity; but for many of us, this withdrawal has nothing to do with the mighty dolla dolla bill, ya’ll.

As of 2017, females made up 63% of the total accounting professional population. As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of our options outside of the normal full-time 9-5 as tech and automation continue to go mainstream. Manual data entry is about to be a thing of the past. For early adopters, it is already. We are aware of and prepared for the changes the accounting industry will be facing in the very near future. As a profession, we will need to shift to advisory services – nurturing our clients in growing their businesses effectively and with purpose – similar to the way we nurture our own families – whatever shapes they take.

I believe we were placed here on this earth to love and build relationships and make our world a better place than when we arrived. To many of us, this means raising a family, pursuing a creative passion, volunteering for a cause dear to our hearts, and/or traveling the world while staying connected and dedicated to our clients. We believe that the equity we have built in our careers shouldn’t take a backseat, especially to something as important as our families. We know we have the ability to continue to build this equity as our lives get more complicated; and we will succeed in doing so because we’re balancing all the areas of our lives that we love, ultimately making us happier, healthier, more well-rounded individuals.