Viaggio Partners

A New Kind of Advisory Firm

Matching CPAs to work they want to do — on their own terms — gives you access to an underutilized source of energy and talent.
Holistic Approach

We Practice Purposeful Placement

We take a holistic approach to value-matching people to your firm’s culture and standards. When demand for your services outpaces your capacity, Viaggio steps in – with a twist. We pair our accountants to our clients, giving you a powerful tribe of dedicated people who work harder and smarter because they are finding balance between life and work. This is not a new problem. Accounting firms have been dealing with a shortage of qualified talent for years. What is new are innovative leaders with the courage to try a new solution.

What Our Candidates Are Saying


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Viaggio Partners as a candidate. The team listened closely to what I was searching for and worked incredibly hard to find the ideal fit. Their experience allowed them to present unique opportunities and allowed me to find a firm that more than exceeded my initial expectations. I would highly recommend Viaggio Partners to anyone searching for something new!

Sarah B., Nevada

Viaggio Partners helped me find the satisfaction of having a career with the flexibility I needed for my family! The interview process was efficient and professional, and the employers are terrific to work with. Viaggio Partners changed my life!

Carrie C., South Carolina

Connecting CPAs to Remote Flexible Work Opportunities